Our Story
 Bisnocare is young IT company which is sister company of Chamunda Groups whose business includes Infrastructure development, Property rental, Real estate, Marbles and Stone industries, Restaurant and Organic Farming. In present era of IT revolution, we are commited to provide you with best services we have to offer. Like many of our customers, we began as a start-up business. Our founder Naisarg Parmar wanted to automate every managing process in his own business. He worked with a team of Arihant Technologies as a trainee to develope software to manage every process more efficiently. Naisarg realised that other companies could also benefit from this and formed Bisnocare in 2013 to begin selling the software. As web based apps became widespread, so the Bisnocare range grew and our business went from strength to strength. We understand our customers’ needs and the challenges they face. Like them, Bisnocare has innovation and entrepreneurial spirit at heart.
Our Source Of Income
Marbles and Stone industries
  The Marble Factory is the premier seller of All kind of granite, All kind of marble, Kota Stone in India. We are operating in the Gujarat since 1984. We are the primary supplier of Granite to major home builders and contractors, as well as major home retail stores. And we've earned our reputation for commitment to quality, prompt delivery and the best customer service in the industry.
Contact : 079 25332208, +91 9924822208
  Our restaurant is the ideal setting for conferences, weddings, corporate get-togethers, luncheons, hors d' oeuvres parties, product launches, etc. The spaces are multipurpose and can adapt to any occasion. Complete solutions are offered with the venue, for corporate as well as celebratory functions. Event and meeting planners are available to assist in thematic and organizational planning.
Contact : +91 9426057871, +91 9924822208
Infrastructure development
  CHAMUNDA Infrastructure, is promoted by Mr. Devshi parmar, Mr. Dilip Parmar and M/s. Chamunda Groups. It has established a tradition of initiating and implementing unique infrasturcture projects throughout Gujarat. The core strength of the company lies in our ability to develop abstract ideas and conceptualize a project on a grand scale.
Contact : +91 9426057871, +91 9924822208
Property rental
  Started in 1990, Chamunda Properties is now the leading Property Management firm in the Isanpur, Ahmedabad area of State Gujarat, India. Our services include Rental Property Management, and Real Estate to the Ahmedabad city area. Our office is close to most of our clients. The staff of Chamunda Properties are dedicated to providing friendly and professional service to all our clients.
Contact : +91 9426057871, +91 9924822208
  We're working on one of the world's biggest challenges - how to ensure food security for a growing population in a sustainable way. Chamunda Agriculture specialises in mango fruit and vegetable farming and prides itself in being able to provide satisfaction through using a fine balance of technology and practical experience.
Contact : +91 9426057871, +91 9924822208
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